Blogging goals for 2018

I figured I’d start 2018 how I mean to go on. I’ve not had my blog very long and in that time I’ve definitely neglected it, sometimes for weeks on end, and then I go through phases of posting frequently. I’ve always wanted to have a ‘fluid’ blog containing posts about meaningful topics and events in my life, rather than just random page-filling babble. I’ve wanted to give readers an insight into the important aspects of my life and things I enjoy doing, as well as having a balanced take with the stresses and strains that is part and parcel of my routine too.

I acknowledged to myself yesterday that I hadn’t posted much at all in November or December and after some thought (and a few bevvies last night) I realised that stress and anxiety are bars to my blog. I’m a bit of an introvert and have to quietly deal with the issues facing me before I can think about anything else; be it hobbies, health and fitness or blogging.

I want to make a real effort to post more frequently in 2018, but I may need a bit of help from technology.

Now, I’m a bit of a techno-phobe. I don’t know if that is the right word actually, but I simply hate technology. If I could I’d throw my ‘phone in the canal and go back to telegrams and carrier pigeon. But to blog I need some tech and my home laptop (admittedly, nearly 6/7 years old now), is not quite up to the job. That, and I just don’t have the time to sit down and type most evenings which has definitely had a knock-on effect on my blog.

So I’ve come up with a solution – which involves a bit of sales shopping hahaha – and I’ve decided to buy a small laptop that I can use on my 2 hour commute each day. Light-weight and portable and a good use of my travel time, I really hope it helps me to become more of a regular blogger and that I will be able to optimise my blog in the coming months. I think I’m going to grab a cup of tea and order it now before I think about the cost too much(!)

I hope that you will see and read a lot more from me in 2018 and it’d be great to hear from you guys too with any tips you can offer me!


Happy New Year.

5 thoughts on “Blogging goals for 2018

  1. Great idea to use your commuting time this way! 🙂 Hope that will help you to blog more regularly. I also spend a few hours each week on trains and used the time for my studies -that worked quite well for me.

    Maybe starting a ritual could help, e. g. each Friday night spending some time with a cup of tea on WordPress and writing impressions and thoughts down.
    Or you could use Sundays (or any other day that fits your schedule) to think about the last and upcoming week and write / prepare more than one post then. This is something I’m going to try this year, because I also don’t manage to write as often and regularly as I want to. But when I get the time for one post, writing gets me often inspired for another post, e. g. to dig deeper into some thoughts that came across my mind but are more complex and could make another good blog post.

    Sometimes it’s also about finding the right time to blog. For me, mornings are often better than evenings as my mind is rested and has processed the numerous impressions from the preceding day.


    1. Thank you. I certainly feel the same way. When I start to write I want to continue to write other posts, though it can be time consuming. Setting aside time for blogging is definitely the way to go so that I don’t feel like it is becoming a chore when I should be doing something else. I was given a notebook for Christmas so I think jotting down my thoughts as I’m walking around my help to focus my ideas too – I have a dreadful memory! Do you find a routine works for you?

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      1. Unfortunately not yet, but I hope to build one this year. I know that I have to post mostly on week-ends because I want to write in the morning, so maybe I’ll get up earlier on Sundays and read through all thoughts again and then just start a whole new post. I’m usually writing spontaneously – I react to something I feel, read or have experienced. Starting from this point, I let my hands do the work and just write. At the end I see what’s really been on my mind – sometimes it seems I need to write to find out what I think.

        If you don’t have your laptop at hand, you can also use the WordPress app to jot down your thoughts briefly – this is what I use to collect ideas when I’m on the road.


  2. I identify with being introverted, which is why you never see pictures of me on my blog. I normally read through for spelling mistakes/typos (some still get through) and then hit the publish button before I can overthink it – very similar to your laptop buying approach!


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